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$1,800. CAD

Sell: 1891 Colt New Navy M1889 .41LC

Very nice 6 inches barrel colt M1889 made in 1891 Caliber 41 long colt. good riflings lock up and timing are perfect this is a tight revolver. Action has been wor...

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$1,250. CAD

Sell: Colt Model 1849 .31Cal Percussion

I have a Colt Model 1849 Pocket Pistol for sale. All numbers including backstrap ,cylinder ,frame and barrel wedge are matching. Traces of nickel finish remain in p...

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$950. CAD

Sell: Antique 1891 Dutch M73 in 9.4mm

Dutch M1873 5-shot revolver in 9.4mm. A prescribed antique made in 1891. Good original metal with finish turned to patina. The internals function properly and the gu...

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Manhattan NY Pepperbox Pistol

$1,375. CAD

Sell: Manhattan NY Pepperbox Pistol

A handsomely classic 6 shot pepperbox pistol. Blueing is original and about 90%. Attractive patina on the action and grip as well. I have not fired this gun, but if ...

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British Buldog 44 Webley

$1,350. CAD

Sell: British Buldog .44Webley

Very nice British Buldog, reblued. It's a 44 Webley (easy reloaded with 44 russian brass). Very tight and crisp action (no play).Come with 25 new Starline brass (44 ...

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The American Double Action, 44 Webley

$1,375. CAD

Sell: Antique H&R DA in .44Wbly

Antique revolver , Harrington and Richardson, First model, second variation in 44 Webley. Nice shape and shootable. Come with 25 brass and 25 bullets for reloading a...

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Very rare collectable Jezail rifle

$3,500. CAD

Sell: Antique Jezail Flintlock Muzzleloader .75Cal

I have 2 Jezail antique flintlock rifles for sale in a very good original condition The Jezail rifle was the primary ranged weapon of Afghan warriors during the A...

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Mid 19th Century Fowler

$399. Shipped CAD

Sell: Mid 19th Century Belgian Fowler .75

Percussion fire, muzzle loader with excellent wood, good mainspring, OK bore, action, clean nipple and perhaps original rammer. I would call this a Fowler only, abo...

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Wanted: French Gras 1874-80 11mm Rifle

Looking to purchase a French 1874-80 rifle in the 11mm gras rifle round. If you are willing to sell one send me an email and we can talk about a price. Will pay ship...

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$6,000. CAD

Sell: Colt Frontier Six Shooter .44-40

Produced in 1883, a black powder single action Colt revolver made in the popular Winchester caliber .44-40 as a compatible/interchangeable cartridge companion side a...

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