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$1,000. CAD

Sell: Krico M601 .222Rem Bolt Action

Krico M601 .222 Rem. Bolt Action .222 Remington has 24 inch barrel with original sights including 3 leaf rear for 100, 150, and 200 yards. Barrel is marked Krieges...

99 total views, 18 today


$As Listed CAD

Sell: Two Brno Fox Model 2 in .222Rem & .22Hornet

1.Brno Fox Model 2 in .222Rem. -$1100.00 This is a very high quality rifle. The action is very much like a scaled down Mauser and the rifle features the claw extrac...

125 total views, 18 today


$1,200. CAD

Sell: Winchester Super SX3 Waterfowl 12ga

Winchester Super SX3 Waterfowl, Made in Belgium, 12 Gauge, 2 3/4",3". 3.5" Chamber, 28" Vent Rib Barrel, Invector Plus choke, Mossy oak Duck Blind, Dura-Touch Armor ...

70 total views, 10 today


$100. CAD

Sell: LH Tikka Lite Stock

Left hand stock for Tikka Lite, (300 win) rough must be finished, bought from Wilcox gun works for $180 asking $100

9 total views, 3 today


$450. CAD

Sell: Remington 870 12ga

Remington 870 12ga 28" vent rib one extra choke, extra recoil pad, 12ga slug barrel with cantilever and rings, wood stock, exc cond not looking for any trade. $450....

39 total views, 6 today

Mid 19th Century Fowler

$399. Shipped CAD

Sell: Mid 19th Century Belgian Fowler .75

Percussion fire, muzzle loader with excellent wood, good mainspring, OK bore, action, clean nipple and perhaps original rammer. I would call this a Fowler only, abo...

121 total views, 11 today

Two OEM Factory SIG Sauer P226 .40SW Magazines

$55/Each FIRM CAD

Sell: Two OEM Factory SIG Sauer P226 .40SW Magazines

For sale Have TWO factory OEM SIG Sauer P226 10/12rnds in .40S&W(357Sig) cal magazines - can hold legally more 9mm rnds. Mags are in excellent condition, origi...

8 total views, 8 today

Winchester 70 Alaskan 30-06SPRG NIB

$1,150.00 + Shipping CAD

Sell: New Winchester 70 Alaskan .30-06

Winchester 70 Alaskan cal. 30-06 SPRG 25" barrel New In Box EMT payment preferred $1,150.00+ approx. $35.00 shipping 073-009

19 total views, 19 today

Benelli SBE III *NEW*

$1,650. CAD

Sell: New Benelli SBE III 12ga/28″

I bought this firearm with the intention to do waterfowl hunting. Life goes on and I haven't found time for it. I hope to sell it to a good owner, as it is a beaut...

14 total views, 14 today

Lee Enfield SMLE No.1 Mk. 3* 1918

$750. CAD

Sell: 1918 Lee Enfield SMLE No.1 MkIII* .303Br

I am selling a Lee Enfield SMLE that my father purchased as a sporter in 1949. I have recently added a full stock to get the rifle back to full dress. The original...

25 total views, 25 today


$575. CAD

Sell: Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10×50


10 total views, 10 today



Wanted: Shotgun Loading Setup for All Gauges

Looking for loading setup and supplies for 1 or all gauges within 125 k of Ottawa

8 total views, 8 today


$750. CAD

Sell: Excalibur Matrix Crossbow

The crossbow from Excalibur Matrix for hunting any large game a few shots taken still new comes with bolts cheek piece dampers scope cocking string new cost 1300.00...

6 total views, 6 today


$400. CAD

Sell: Yugo M24 Mauser in 8mm

I'm selling my Yugo M24 mauser in 8mm. Don't get out to shoot it much and could use the space in the locker. Wood is in great shape, with the exception of one small ...

11 total views, 11 today


$230. CAD

Sell: Mossberg-Westernfield Model 41/45 .22LR

Selling a Western Field model 41 which according to the charts, changes over to the Mossberg model 45. Either way, both guns are not very easy to find today. I belie...

9 total views, 9 today



Wanted: Wanted: Beretta O/U and Single Barrel

Looking for 680/686/687/682 barrels o/u and single barrel

4 total views, 4 today

Mossberg 500 camo turkey barrel

$150. CAD

Sell: Mossberg 500 12ga/24″ Camo Turkey Barrel

Mossberg 500 camo turkey barrel, 12ga/24", fiber optic sights, xx-full choke and is for 2 3/4 and 3" shells

3 total views, 3 today

Remington 870 20 ga rifled barrel

$190. CAD

Sell: Remington 870 20ga/20″ Rifled Barrel

Remington 870 express 20 gauge fully rifled barrel, 20", adjustable rifle sights and is for 2 3/4 and 3" shells

5 total views, 5 today

Ruger Vaquero S/S  .45LC

$550. OBO CAD

Sell: Ruger Vaquero S/S .45LC

Used Ruger Vaquero .45 LC 4.6" barrel SS, black grip Excellent condition, well maintained. approx 24 round have been through it. Will include 50 rounds of ammo

16 total views, 16 today

S&W M686Plus  .357Mag/38Spl

$850. OBO CAD

Sell: S&W M686Plus .357Mag/38Spl

Used Smith & Wesson Revolver 686 Plus (M686Plus) .357 7 Round 6" barrel Stainless Steel with synthetic grip Excellent condition, very few round through it. Wi...

14 total views, 14 today

Classified Ads / Most Popular
Custom Hart Remington .308 w/scope

$2,500. CAD

Sell: Custom Hart Remington 722 .308 c/w Scope

custom .308 Hart barrel action Remington 722 scope Lymam 25x trigger 2 ounces...

2655 total views, 4 today

Colt-sauer 300winmag

$3,500. Firm CAD

Sell: Colt-Sauer .300 WinMag c/w Scope

Colt-Sauer .300 WinMag in mint condition with muzzle-brake Elite Bushnell 30mm scope a collector piece, never been fired must sell fast...

2550 total views, 4 today

1894 Oliver F. Winchester One of Five Hundred Set

$5,000. CAD

Sell: 1894 Oliver F. Winchester One of Five Hundred Set 30-30

Very rare only 500 sets made. Beautiful Grade VI Walnut Mint Condition Unfired in the Boxes Set (2) 1894 Oliver F. Winchester One of Five Hundred 30-3...

2399 total views, 5 today

Wichita Pistol

$650. CAD

Sell: Wichita Pistol S/S in 7-R Inter Caliber

Wichita Single shot pistol, seral:xxx, Stainless steel. Octogonal taper barrel 10 inch. Caliber 7-R Inter. Adjustable rear sight, or scope are ...

2327 total views, 4 today

TacStar Shotgun 7, 8 and 10-Shot Magazine Extensions – Benelli, Mossberg, Remington, Winchester

$83.86 - 97.49 CAD

Sell: TacStar 7, 8 and 10-Shot Magazine Extensions – Benelli, Mossberg, Rem...

www.4GT.com / www.GunCleaningCanada.com We stock one of the largest selections of quality USA made TacStar products available anywhere! Easy to ...

2263 total views, 6 today

Marbles 1908 Game Getter .22/.44

$1,500. CAD

Sell: Marbles 1908 Game Getter .22/410

3 Digit Serial Number .22/410 caliber...

1904 total views, 6 today

TEKMAT Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun Mats

$17.52-31.30 CAD

Sell: TEKMAT Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun Gun Mats

www.4GT.com / www.GunCleaningCanada.com Your firearm is an investment and should be protected. The soft polyester mat top will protect your gun fro...

1832 total views, 11 today

Hart Bench rest Remington 6×47

$2,000. + shipping CAD

Sell: Hart Bench Rest Remington 6×47

Hart Bench rest Remington 6x47 Action 40X weight can be 10 1/2 pounds or 13 pounds for diff. class Trigger 2 onces...

1749 total views, 5 today

TacStar Weapons Light System WLS 2000

$150.25 CAD

Sell: TacStar Weapons Light System WLS 2000 150lm

www.4GT.com / www.GunCleaningCanada.com The WLS 2000 Weapons Light System features the Powerful T6 Flashlight, which puts out 150 Lumens. A pressur...

1467 total views, 4 today

ERGO Grips / Stocks / VFGs / Rails / Rail Covers

$4.99 - 313.14 CAD

Sell: ERGO Forends / Grips / Stocks / VFGs / Rails / Rail Covers / Mounts / KeyMo...

www.4GT.com / www.GunCleaningCanada.com We stock one of the largest selections of quality USA made Ergo products available anywhere! Products In...

1408 total views, 5 today

Wheeler® Professional Laser Bore Sighter – Red Laser

$162.83 CAD

Sell: Wheeler® Professional Laser Bore Sighter – Red Laser

www.4GT.com / www.GunCleaningCanada.com Wheeler® Professional Laser Bore Sighter uses a high power red laser and a high-strength magnetic connectio...

1369 total views, 5 today


$35. + Shipping CAD

Sell: Dixie Gun Works Inc. Catalog

1977...mint condition...

1328 total views, 3 today

Camo Praire Fire Gulf Stream Compound Bow


 Camo Praire Fire Gulf Stream Compound Bow

Prairie Fire/ Gulf Stream compound bow. 70/30.5 55 - 70 lbs., Trophy Ridge sight, whisker biscuit, stabilizer, limb saver, quiver, hard case and 23 a...

1314 total views, 3 today

Vintage 1978 PUMA 745 Knife

$350. + Shipping CAD

Sell: Vintage 1978 Puma 745 Knife

New in its original box with guarantee...model 4 star with date code 12871 which is first quarter of 1978...foam has deteriorated...original sticker o...

1268 total views, 4 today

Wheeler® Professional Scope Mounting Kit Combo (1″ and 30mm)

$31.30 - 374.99 CAD

Sell: Wheeler® Professional Scope Mounting Levels / Tools / Kits (1″, 30mm,...

www.4GT.com / www.GunCleaningCanada.com We stock a complete selection of Wheeler Engineering sight-in tools. Also available: - Delta Series AR...

1205 total views, 4 today

Marlin 81 DL 22

$225. CAD

Sell: Marlin 81 DL .22 Cal

Original.....In very nice condition....check photos...I can send you more photos if required .22 in S-L-LR...

1186 total views, 6 today


$As Listed CAD

Sell: Listed Ammunition For Sale

Various hard to find calibres of ammunition for sale: .221 Fireball 40gr V max $40/20 .218 Bee 45gr softpoint $90/50 .22 hornet/.22k hornet 46gr ...

1168 total views, 2 today


$2,000. CAD

Sell: Inman Meffert 16ga/318 – Combination gun

Inman Meffert combination gun in 16ga over 8x57IR(.318). The gun is in very good+++ condition with German claw mounts and Zeiss scope. The scope is ...

1128 total views, 3 today

Gerber 97223 Portland Oregon pocket knife 3 1/2″

$160. + Shipping CAD

Sell: Vintage Gerber 97223 Portland Oregon Knife

Original Vintage Gerber 97223 Portland Oregon pocket knife 3 1/2" New in its original box..box has signs of wear..Price is firm...

1124 total views, 4 today

Fixed Blade Hunting knife

$60. CAD

Sell: Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

No Name. Stainless steel....10. 1/2 inches long...

1086 total views, 4 today

Classified Ads / Random
Zastava M57 Tokarev

$300. CAD

Sell: Zastava M57 Tokarev 7.62×25

Zastava M57 TT Pistol in 7.62x25 Unfired, Brand New in the Box.

196 total views, 3 today

1911 parts and Ar-15 trigger guard

$250. OBO CAD

Sell: New Parts for 1911 and AR15

Brand new 1911 parts for sale. All new never used. Wilson Combat ultra light match trigger Fusion Arms K-hole trigger Fusion Arms firing pins (45 cal) Fusi...

71 total views, 2 today



Wanted: Wanted Smoothbore in .22Cal

Looking for a smoothbore 22

23 total views, 0 today


$650 CAD

Sell: DOU 45 Czech K98 Mauser 8mm

There's a nice Czech DOU.45 mod 98, identical to a k98. The only parts not matching are the front barrel bands and the butt stock. The original blue on the rifle is ...

65 total views, 4 today

Rifle & Shotgun Barrels

$As Listed CAD

Sell: Shotgun Barrels

1. Mossberg 535 RT Camo 2 3/4"-3 1/2"- 28" long, vent ribbed Accu Choke, good shiny bore,$ 125.00. 2. Franchi Semi-auto 12ga 2 3/4" 30"chrome lined, bright shiny bo...

282 total views, 4 today

AR-15, 6.8SPC

$2,260. CAD

Sell: AR15 Custom RRA in 6.8SPC

RRA 6.8SPC AR-15 Rifle (RESTRICTED) Gunsmith built, custom built this rifle has approx. 80 rounds through and includes 5 PRI 5/25 round magazines, Magpul and ARFX p...

67 total views, 0 today



Wanted: Gevarm E1 10rd Magazine

Wanted to purchase Any Gevarm .22 caliber magazine. Prefer 10 round but also 8 Rd. or anything else available. Also looking for any literature for the E-1 or even E...

77 total views, 2 today

M1 Garand .30-06

$1,900. + tax & shipping CAD

Sell: M1 Garand .30-06

Here’s a freshly built M1 Garand rifle based on a crisp, clean Italian Breda receiver. It features a new 30-06 Criterion barrel and a rebuilt gas cylinder and operat...

196 total views, 6 today


$As Listed CAD

Sell: SKS Detachable Magazines

New SKS detachable magazines. Made by National Magazine. Steel construction. All pinned at 5 rounds. 5 round - $30, 2 for $55 5/10 round - $40, 2 for $75 5/20 ...

101 total views, 3 today


$125. CAD

Sell: Remington 870 Barrel 12ga/20″

870 20 in 2. 3/4 in I.C. Ray bar site or trade for 26 or 28 in vent rib barrel less than 2 boxes fired

33 total views, 0 today


$550. CAD

Sell: Charles Daly Field Hunter Auto 20ga

Charles Daly Field Hunter Auto 20ga 28" 3" Synthetic Camo Adv Timber Finish. Comes with Mod. choke in.Excellent condition.

48 total views, 2 today

Norinco M305 / M14

$550. Firm CAD

Sell: Norinco M305/M14 .308/7.62 c/w 18.5″ Bbl

I’m selling a new, unfired, Norinco M305 with a synthetic stock and a 18.5″ barrel. It comes with 2 magazines, a rail for a scope/red dot, and a S&J upgraded ope...

179 total views, 8 today


$As Listed CAD

Sell: Listed Mauser M12/99 24″ Barrel Deluxe Wood Stock.

Mauser M12 with sights, 24″ barrel,Deluxe Wood Stock. 1.Mauser M12 with sights,caliber .300 win.mag, 24″ barrel,Deluxe Wood Stock.-$2500 2.Mauser M12 with sights...

128 total views, 3 today


$550. CAD

Sell: Remington 7400 Engraved .270Win

Excellent condition Remington model 7400 .270Win calibre Has laser engraved receiver. Elk on one side bighorn sheep on the other Price is plus shipping insured wit...

53 total views, 5 today

38-55 original ammunition

$490. CAD

Sell: Original Ammo .38-55

this is a rare offering for the 38.55 shooter/collector. 7 boxes of original ammo, missing one round from the UMC, plus one cigar box with mixed makers..... PAL ...

132 total views, 2 today



Wanted: Savage 10 FCP-K in .308

Let me know what you have condition and price. Thanks

54 total views, 0 today


$ As listed CAD

Sell: Winchester Boy Scout Scabbard and Gunrack

I have a Boy Scout scabbard and Gun Rack , selling each item for $500 or the pair for $900. Price on these items is firm.

59 total views, 0 today



Wanted: Wanted: M14 Norinco & Lee Enfield Non-sporter

Looking for a shooting, good condition Norinco M14 or a Lee Enfield non-sporter. Looking to spend 500-600 depending on condition.

64 total views, 1 today

Remington model 700 cal. 308

$875. CAD

Sell: Remington Model 700 .308Win

Superb Remington model 700 .308 Winchester. Very clean and beautifull rifle. Bull barrel. Not used many time. Shoot great. Only $875. w/o shipping. Can ship by...

125 total views, 1 today



Wanted: Wanted .444M Reload Set-up

Looking for a safe but reasonably priced reloading set up. Reloading for .444 Marlin Thanks fer lookin!

28 total views, 0 today

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